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About WWolf Transport Consultancy

Our Commitment to you

Unlike some other driving schools we believe that the sooner you pass your practical test through one of our Intensive courses the better it is for us.

Throughout your whole time with us we will be preparing you for your practical test. History has proven to us that if our pupils pass quickly they will tell friends and family as you know word of mouth is king in the world of any business. Especially this one

How do we do it?

To conduct our Intensive program of courses we have chosen an area that has a high number of test centres around it. This increases our chances of finding our students an earlier test date. At the same time maximising their ability to familiarise themselves with an area they need to know.

About W Wolf services

Our History

Having worked in the Transport Industry first as a Driver and then as a driver Trainer, which was followed by becoming a CPC Trainer and onto a Transport Manager over a 30 year period, I have gained much experience from assisting companies with O Licence problems and applications. I also offer FORS Practitioner services in all areas of London and the South East.